Easy Crock-Pot Ranch Roast Sandwiches

I made this roast beef sandwich recipe for our staff a couple of weeks ago and was asked to share the recipe. It’s easy – easy is pretty much all I do anymore.

Easy Crock-Pot Ranch Roast Sandwiches

  • 3.5 pound beef roast (ish on the amount) – any kind of beef roast
  • Dry Ranch salad dressing (3 packets or 9 T from a bulk container)
  • 1.5 C water

Are you ready for easy? Here you go:

Trim as much fat off the roast as you can.

Yummy, right? Now just pop that sucker in your busy day’s best friend, the crock pot.

Then you sprinkle on the dry Ranch mix:

Then you pour the water on top of all that:

(Note: All of the following photos disappeared when I transferred the blog back over to free WordPress)

Now you put the lid on and turn the crock pot on low and cook for a very long time. I’m talking 8 hours long. I’ve put this in first thing in the morning to have ready for dinner. I’ve also put it in at midnight so it was ready to shred by morning and kept warm until lunch.

When it’s ready to shred it will look something like this:

Then you start shredding it:

Then convince your dogs that this really isn’t dinner time and no, none of it is actually for them:

After I shred it, I put it back in the juice in the crock pot. At this point, I either turn the pot to “keep warm” so I can serve it soon, or I turn the pot off and let it start to cool down so I can bag it for the freezer.

This version got bagged for the freezer:

To prepare from frozen form, just thaw it out and reheat on the stove (or in the microwave if you have one of those fancy gadgets – we don’t, so the stove it is!). It is yummy on any type of sandwich roll, hamburger bun, etc.

In this case, I scooped out what I think my parents will need (2 adults) and another bag for my family (2 adults and 4 kids). I will update this post later to see if this was an accurate serving size for 8 or if we had any leftovers. I’ll also post a photo of the finished meal.


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