Remember the "Oldies?"

By Chloe Dunham

Did your kids used to watch shows like Clifford, Mr. Rogers, Blue’s Clues, The Bear in the Big Blue House (one of my personal favorites), or anything else like that? Well I used to watch those shows, and I loved them. I keep wondering why they switched out those shows with different ones. They were awesome! Sure, they tried bringing back some of them, but the shows are always by new people, and are way different. I  was just watching some old clips The Bear in the Big Blue House, and Jay Jay the Jet Plane and it was funny to see just how much Maddie and I remembered. We could still sing the theme song to The Bear in the Big Blue House, and we remembered all the characters from Blue’s Clues. If those were still playing on T.V., I would wake up early just to watch them. With shows like Mr. Rogers you actually learned something every time you watched. With the new shows, it is mainly for entertainment. Well, I am going to bring back some of those old shows to my younger sisters and see if they remember any of them.

Thanks for reading my first attempt at writing a blog post!

Note: I’m starting to encourage my kids to contribute here at the Half-Pint House. After all, there would be no Half-Pint House if it weren’t for the half-pints who make up this house! The above post was written by  Chloe.


9 thoughts on “Remember the "Oldies?"

  1. Sally D says:

    My son was mad for Pokemon when he was four years old. My husband and I still can name them all and sing the theme song. It’s funny how those TV shows can bring back so many memories for both the kids and the parents.

    Great post, by the way.


  2. kellie says:

    my kids loved Clifford! and you will NEVER forget those theme songs. my sister and I are in our 30s and we can still sing all the theme songs to the cartoons we watched as kids. thanks for blogging chloe! I like hearing a kids point of view! 🙂


  3. Allie says:

    Chloe~ I’m glad you are trying to bring those back for your sisters. I remember watching Mr. Rogers as a kid, and always put on Bear or Clifford or Blue’s Clues for the kids I babysat. You are right that those shows actually taught kids, instead of just entertaining them. (If you get REALLY ambitious, ask your mom if she can help you find Schoolhouse Rock, or Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. Those were neat shows too.)

    Great work on your first blog entry!!! I look forward to seeing more from you!!


  4. Sandy Dolan says:

    This is wonderful! You’re right–the new kids’ shows aren’t half as good as the ones you mentioned. Nice job on the writing, too. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this.
    ms dolan


  5. Nana says:

    I love that you love these old shows. Mr. Rogers was my all time favorite. Have you ever watched Captain Kangaroo? He & Mr. Green Jeans taught while they had fun, too.


  6. Heather Thompson says:

    I used to think of Mr. Rogers as my grandpa! Just recently, they came out with Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood to bring back some of the wonderful things about Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. It still has the same themes, but it’s animated. (The original will always be my favorite!) Great post – keep it up!


  7. Megan says:

    Thanks for all the comments on Chloe’s behalf! She kept wondering if she needed to come back and respond to each one individually and I told her she could just respond once on behalf of all of you, but then, well, yesterday was pretty goofy and she’s out of pocket for the next two days, so I decided to respond FOR her! You all pretty much made her day!


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