Facebook Status Updates: A September Recap

While I’m trying to figure out what the heck I’m doing here with my blog, here’s what really happened around here in September. Ahem:

September 1: Nothing says love like smoking all of your kids in an epic 3-hour game of Monopoly. Okay, Millie was on my team, so I didn’t thrash EVERYBODY. We did it together.

September 4: Just finished resetting the sleeves in two tuxedo shirts for choir. I will never understand why children’s choirs require tuxedo shirts for kids. They NEVER fit correctly.

September 7: Double batch of chocolate chip cookie dough is made and the Dunhams are officially ready for Friday night. Bring it!

September 8: Ah, I loves me some rich people appetizer leftovers. #IHaveNoPride #MoreSmokedSalmonPlease

September 9: When you buy a box of Hershey bars from Sam’s Club, it will be listed in your receipt as “Hershey Barf.” Now we know how Sam’s Club really feels.

September 10: Wondering if anyone in my family will mind if I just serve leftover retreat chips and cookies for dinner tonight.

September 11: Nine 13-year-old girls in my house right now. Nine of them. 13yo’s. Nine.

September 12: Retreat 2012:2 – In which I feel like I’ve been dipped in a vat of lemonade and rolled around in crushed cheese puffs. But in a good way, of course.

September 13: Katie and Millie and I were just doing some school work together to get a jump start on tomorrow. After grading Katie’s math I said that was enough, that we’d gotten a good start and it was time to get ready for bed. Katie agreed and said, “We’re off like a pack of hurdles.” Indeed. She knows our home days pretty well, huh?

September 17: After sharing an overpriced (but very good) lemonade with 5 others, and getting approximately 4 gulps each, I just went to Chick-fil-A and brought home a whole gallon. That oughta do it.

September 18: Wishing that running didn’t require the actual moving of my body in a rapid forward motion.

September 19: 6:20am in which I explain to someone who is meeting us soon that we’ll be showing up in a tan Oldsmobile cat. #NeedCoffee

September 21: Reading Wendell Berry while my kids art in art class. And all is right with the world. — at The Conservatory For Classical Art.

September 21: You know your kids are getting a better education than you had when you find yourself leaning over multiple times during a live production of Julius Caesar to ask them what the heck is going on. And they know.

September 23: My first 5K is officially less than a week away now. This would probably be a really bad time to overdose on Krispy Kreme donuts.

September 26: You have not because you ask not, much? Thankful for our new dryer – picked out, paid for, delivered, installed, and old one hauled away all with the last hour. Dryer Fairy, you know who you are. We thank you with all our hearts.

September 28: Dropping off paperwork. — at Angels Foster Family Network OKC.

September 28: Katie, Millie, and I made bacon wrapped little smokies rolled in brown sugar and baked crisp as an appetizer to take to a dinner tonight and… we can’t stop eating them so we may have to pick up a bag of chips on our way to the party…

September 30: We did it! Slow (man, there were a lot of hills – a LOT) and I discovered I’m a whiny racer. And Chloe’s pretty much a drill sergeant. But without her I might not have actually finished.

September 30: What every mom wants to hear when dashing between running a 5K and getting ready for 5pm church: “Mom! Your pants match your face!” (as in, both are quite red) Thanks, Maddie.