Happy Candy Haul Day!

Halloween 2012

Did you hear the one about the Angry Birds, Snow White, and a pink crayon who walked into a….

I keep wondering when we’re going to age out of this stage. I think we’re getting close, but not *quite* there yet. As long as we have the youngest who really does still enjoy dressing up and going out, the older three are more than happy to go with her.

Oh, and please excuse the book mass behind them. We’ve rearranged the living room at least six times in the past four days. I think I’ve *finally* landed on how I want the room arranged. It only took 17 months. Now that I have it, it’s time to deal with the books we took off a shelf and I think I’m taking the doors off the bottom of that shelf on the right. I’m even thinking about finally painting over the dreaded paneling just to buy us some time before we can afford to have it removed/replaced.

At any rate, all of that to say this: May your fall be fabulous and may your candy stash diminish before you manage to eat it all.

Happy Candy Haul Day!