Great Wolf Lodge Bound

On Sunday I loaded up the van with the precious cargo you see above. We drove to the Great Wolf Lodge near Dallas, TX and played our hearts out for about 24 hours. Two other families drove up more kids from our church. I think we had 18 kids there in all and it was so. much. fun. Sure, we’re all still tired from the quick turn-around, but I think we all say it was worth it.

And sure, being in that close of quarters with another family means you get to see aspects of that family you maybe would rather not have seen (ie: MY family), but I suppose that’s what living in community together is all about: the good, the bad, the cranky.

I love these girls. Those who share my home all the time and those who shared our room for one night. I’m thankful for their families and their place in our lives at this moment in time.

And I’d go back to Dallas with them in a heartbeat. But maybe in another month or two. *wink*


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