December 11

Life with one car on a Tuesday: Send the family to school without me because I really need to do some work at home and losing 90 minutes in the morning really cramps my work at home style…Work all day at my new writing job (I love being able to work from home)…Hitch a ride to school with a friend during pick up…Get there too early because my kids don’t really get done until 4:45…Think I’ll do some school work with the younger two while we wait but remember that the same friend who picked me up also picked them up and took care of them the whole evening because their choir was meeting in a different hospital than the choir my older two are in and I can’t be at both places at the same time (I know, I’ve tried)…Leave school with Craig, Maddie, and Chloe and swing through Sonic on our way to Children’s Hospital…get to hospital and do a quick change into choir uniforms in the bathroom…Wish them well and listen for 30 minutes before taking Craig to the IHOP at Bricktown where he’s meeting with the Veritas Wise Council for a meeting…go back to Children’s Hospital to pick up Maddie and Chloe…take them to IHOP and order hot chocolate (see photo above)…leave them there at a table near Craig and then go to friend’s house and pick up Katie and Millie…go back to IHOP to wait for the VCA meeting to conclude…get everyone home and realize Chloe’s having a friend over tomorrow to study and oh, might want to clean up the kitchen and living room tonight…then print homeschool assignments for tomorrow…then collapse.

December 11.

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