The Foster Care Tree Project

A few days ago I decided I wanted to paint a tree on one of our walls so that each child who comes through our doors for a short season can put a hand print on the tree, partly for them and partly for us. But my main problem is that I have ideas like this all the time and my problem is always follow through. I’m feeling the clock ticking, though, because we don’t know exactly how long E3 will be with us before he is sent to a long-term placement, so I wanted to act fast. Only the wall I’m wanting to do this on needs a paint job too and it’s going to be a several days long process.

But then I posted on Facebook saying I wasn’t sure if I should do hand prints directly on the wall or something that could be moved at a later time should the need ever arise, something like paper or some such. I got a great idea from an old friend to do them on the glass of picture frames and hang the frames on the wall. Brilliant.

So tonight we introduced E3 to the wonderful world of finger painting which he thought was all kinds of awesome until all of a sudden he realized he was covered in green and absolutely DIDN’T like it. At that point he started yelling, “GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF!!” *giggle* So we did. And now I have this:

Just need to add his name and the month he came to us and then pop it back in the frame. I’m planning to not put the back on the frame, but let the wall show through. Oh, and I need to paint the wall. And the tree. But I have a little more time on that. I now have the hand print and I can rest easy.

PS – One of the girls is getting him cleaned up for me as I type. I don’t know HOW we could do this without the girls. They love him so much.


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