The Hurt of Foster Care

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Who doesn’t want to read science while holding a 6-day-old? Babies just make everything better…that is, when they aren’t making everything worse. *grin*

Our 3yo foster boy is leaving tomorrow for his long-term placement. We knew this day was coming. We’d been told it would be this week. Even still, the phone call today knocked the wind out of us just a bit and there were many tears. I keep saying that if it didn’t hurt when they leave, then we didn’t do it right. Loving is hurting. Hurting is letting go.

I’ve heard multiple times in the past month from people who say they admire us for what we are doing and confess they could never do it because it would just hurt too much to let them go. I scratch my head a bit and wonder if they think it isn’t hurting us too? It does. It hurts us too.

So tomorrow morning we will pull out his foster-agency-issued duffel bag and make sure it has the things he came here in it and we’ll pack in a few extras from us. And we’ll pray for him. And we’ll hand him over to DHS who will take him to the next phase of his future. And we will hurt. And we will pray.