Pay Day!

Pay day! And we’re now fully stocked up again. I asked J5 what’s one thing he really likes to eat so I could make sure to add that to my menu plan and shopping list. He thought for a second and then his face lit up and he said, “Popsicles!” Popsicles: CHECK.

We were unable to work it out so his sister could join us and for that I’m sad. Fostering a 5yo is definitely a different ballgame than the 3yo we had and certainly different from the baby. He’s fully aware we are not his family, nor does he plan to settle in too deeply here. He calls me Miss Megan (his own choosing) and refers to the girls like this, “Miss Megan, when your girls get home…” He’s 90% completely sweet and 10%…we are really trying hard not to provoke the 10% in any way. Today was a good day from start to finish and for that I’m thankful. We’ll tackle tomorrow when it comes.

In other news, Baby M is still with us after all. He could be for another week or two now and I’m relieved and thankful, but fully know the day IS coming and I need to be prepared for it when it comes. I cried enough yesterday for the future, I think, but I’ll probably cry again when he actually leaves.

Sigh. So, that’s a wrap on January 2013. Oh, February, what do you have in store?


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