“Date” Night

In a bit of a change-up around here, Craig and I got as dressed up as possible (which is to say, not as dressed up as most, but way more dressed up than normal) and headed to a fundraising banquet on behalf of Providence Hall, the school we’re in the process of merging with. Our friends, Brian and Rubi, came over to hold the fort down, which was another new development for us, as we haven’t had to secure babysitting for several years now, but with foster kids we are required to. Thankful for friends willing to stand in the gap here at home for us.

In other news, I’ve definitely learned to ignore the first call I get from here on out regarding DHS moving kids from our house to the next. We had a false alarm with Baby M on Wednesday (he’s still with us now and probably will be for another two weeks) and another false alarm today with J5. I was called and told he would be picked up later in the afternoon, but wasn’t given any specifics on when or where he was going (that’s my new red flag – no specifics = don’t take it seriously). Fortunately, though, I didn’t say anything to him about it. I got him packed, but hid the bag, and we just proceeded as normal. Four hours later I found out that placement had fallen through and he wouldn’t be leaving us after all.

And we’re happy to still have him, though we’re eager for him to join his sibling in a long-term situation. Really hope that happens soon for both of their sakes.


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