First Swimming Lessons

I signed up A4 and R3 for swimming lessons this month. I took them on Tuesday and then discovered a major miscommunication between me and their case worker – they ended up being picked up from the Y before their swimming lesson on Tuesday for a standing weekly session with one of their parents. I was pretty frustrated with the case worker, actually, because I specifically asked for that appointment to be moved. She informed me that they had just moved it for the previous foster family and I informed her right back that we were a different family with a different schedule and she just wouldn’t budge. In the end, I do recognize this weekly meeting is pretty important and I will make sure the boys are where they need to be at the time they need to be there, but on this Tuesday, I was bummed. So were they. They were really looking forward to the pool.

Today was the day, though. Even though they can’t go on Tuesdays, they can definitely go on Thursdays. According to the boys, this was their first experience with lessons and in a super big pool. They had brand spanking new swimming suits and they were ready to go. Eager to show Craig what they’d learned today, he took them back tonight during open swim time and let them go crazy. And crazy did they go.