Tired Piano Players

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We began our epic Saturday by leaving at 7:30 this morning and heading to Southern Nazarene University for the girls to play piano for some judges. From left to right: I, I, and I+ and they all advance to State.

We’ve had a bit of a relational issue with our current piano teacher which ended with me telling her the girls are kind of scared of her and feel defeated after lessons each week and her telling me to go find a new teacher then. Pretty awesome, right? We circled back around and she agreed to continue teaching them through to the State Audition should they make it that far and me saying fine and that we would find a new teacher for the fall.

Both things have happened – the girls will progress to state and we will stay with the current teacher through May. And a gal from our church will pick up where she leaves off in the fall, or maybe even over the summer.

Win. Win.

But apart from that I just wanted to say that I’m super proud of Katie, Chloe, and Millie. I told them to just do their best and they did it.


One thought on “Tired Piano Players

  1. Kate O says:

    good for you for speaking up!! i had five piano teachers between the ages of 5 and 15. whenever we moved i dreaded the part when we had to find a new one. almost all of mine made me feel defeated. and in high school one made me cry. what is up with that? my mom was always bothered by it and was extra-bothered when she would hear them play and realize most of them were not that great. and the music that i was made to play for competitions was almost never beautiful or memorable. after taking some time off in high school, i asked my mom if i could find a teacher. she agreed, and i found the most wonderful teacher who had just arrived from albania. i told her that i wanted to play beautiful music and just enjoy my time at the piano before i left for college. she would pull out stacks of sheet music by bach, chopin, rachmoninoff, etc, and if i liked it, we’d work on it. i’m hoping i can find a teacher for my kids who delighted in the piano like mine did!


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