JJ Heller: Loved

JJ Heller LovedToday is the day the latest release from Dave and JJ Heller comes out: Loved.

Loved is the Heller’s sixth studio release and is gearing up to be just as powerful as their previous works. I discovered JJ Heller sometime last year when a friend of mine posted one of their videos on Facebook and I was so moved I bought three albums on the spot. And now there’s this:


There is just something so deep, so rich, so authentic about their music I can’t help but enter in with my full heart and attention. It was because of this I decided to haul my crew all the way to Woodward, Oklahoma a few days ago to hear her live and in person. The Hellers weren’t the only act of the evening, but they were the only reason we went. Everything else was just fluff.

They played a couple of new songs off Loved and, of course, some of their well recognized songs. They brought their sweet girls out onto the stage for a bit which I really loved. I particularly love their commitment to keeping their family intact in the midst of growing popularity on the road. LOVE that. After their set there was a little break and we took advantage of the photo opp. I snapped this one of JJ Heller and my oldest daughter, Maddie, first. Maddie is actually the reason I bought all of the albums when I did. Maddie loves to sing and we all have styles and role models we kind of lean toward, particularly during these formative years. I loaded up the music on Maddie’s iPod and told her I thought she could do that someday. She’s taking guitar, she’s got a great voice, and she’s becoming a really good writer too. I think there’s strong potential for Maddie to move in that direction as she continues to grow and I want to instill some meaningful musical influences in her life. JJ Heller is definitely one of them.

JJ Heller LovedDuring my little photo opp, I decided to whip out my copy of the CD for them to sign. They had just told the whole crowd it was coming out in two days, so I was all smug with my pre-release copy. *grin* They seemed pleasantly surprised to see it and said I now had the first official autographed copy. So there you have it.

JJ Heller LovedThe songs on this album are:

I’ve only listened to this album a handful of time so far, but my immediate favorites are Who You Are and If You Fall and I’m certain the others will become favorites as I continue to get to know this album.




12 thoughts on “JJ Heller: Loved

  1. michelle says:

    I just listened to :Who You Are:. Haven’t heard of JJ Heller before, but after listening to the song, I should probably listen to them by myself first rather than driving down the road. Very moving.


  2. Kelli A. says:

    I don’t know many of her songs but the one that introduced me to her music was a video a friend shared….What Love Really Means. I will listen to the links you shared though.


  3. Aubrey says:

    My favorite JJ Heller song is the one she wrote about her little girl, the name of which escapes me. I was listening to it just today actually as I walked around the block with my sweet Naomi in the ergo. I almost cried.


  4. Judy Kellner says:

    I loved your write up regarding your trip to see JJ in concert. All the songs that she sings have been written from her personal walk with Jesus. You mentioned that you wanted your daughter Maddie to find a meaningful musical influence and I would heartedly agree that JJ Heller is an excellent choice! JJ’s #1 goal in life is to glorify God. Her music is not about her but rather about how God can and does make a difference in each of our lives. I personally know that the JJ you watch performing is the same JJ you would see away from the spotlight. She has always loved music but sports was her first love until she graduated from high school. Then she put away the basketball and replaced it with her Mom’s guitar. Ta Da…her music career was on it’s way. God has blessed David and JJ’s faithfulness because the first 8 years were tough. But they are finally living their dream. Tell Maddie to never give up on her dreams. God is faithful and in due season Maddie’s hard work will allow her to see that dream become a reality. I know that this is true in JJ’s life because I have had a front row seat…see, I am JJ’s Mom. Blessings to you and your family and thank you for sharing the gift of her music with others.


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