Tired Piano Players

DSC_0001 6

We began our epic Saturday by leaving at 7:30 this morning and heading to Southern Nazarene University for the girls to play piano for some judges. From left to right: I, I, and I+ and they all advance to State.

We’ve had a bit of a relational issue with our current piano teacher which ended with me telling her the girls are kind of scared of her and feel defeated after lessons each week and her telling me to go find a new teacher then. Pretty awesome, right? We circled back around and she agreed to continue teaching them through to the State Audition should they make it that far and me saying fine and that we would find a new teacher for the fall.

Both things have happened – the girls will progress to state and we will stay with the current teacher through May. And a gal from our church will pick up where she leaves off in the fall, or maybe even over the summer.

Win. Win.

But apart from that I just wanted to say that I’m super proud of Katie, Chloe, and Millie. I told them to just do their best and they did it.

Compassion Exhaustion

4yo Boy Coloring

This is A4 and he’s occupying himself during Katie and Millie’s afternoon choir concert (on March 9…)

A4 and R3 are equal parts crazy and cute.

I really enjoy having these little guys around.

We’ve had one night since January 3 in which we didn’t have an extra kid of some sort sharing our lives with us.

I’m exhausted.

I had a little breakdown two nights ago.

I sobbed on my 14yo’s shoulder.

It had nothing to do with the boys.

It had everything to do with the boys. And the girls before them. And the baby before them. And the boy during that. And the boy that began it all.

I just emailed my case worker and told her that the boys were welcome here as long as they needed to be, but that when the time comes for them to leave, I really need a couple of weeks off.

My friend Amy told me today I needed three weeks off.

She has experience. I believe her.

She called it compassion exhaustion and said the constant in and out and forming attachments and letting go can really take it out of us.

Boy, can it.

And I feel guilty for saying I need a little break.

But I do.

So I put in my request.

And now we continue to love on these little guys and we wait.


First Swimming Lessons

I signed up A4 and R3 for swimming lessons this month. I took them on Tuesday and then discovered a major miscommunication between me and their case worker – they ended up being picked up from the Y before their swimming lesson on Tuesday for a standing weekly session with one of their parents. I was pretty frustrated with the case worker, actually, because I specifically asked for that appointment to be moved. She informed me that they had just moved it for the previous foster family and I informed her right back that we were a different family with a different schedule and she just wouldn’t budge. In the end, I do recognize this weekly meeting is pretty important and I will make sure the boys are where they need to be at the time they need to be there, but on this Tuesday, I was bummed. So were they. They were really looking forward to the pool.

Today was the day, though. Even though they can’t go on Tuesdays, they can definitely go on Thursdays. According to the boys, this was their first experience with lessons and in a super big pool. They had brand spanking new swimming suits and they were ready to go. Eager to show Craig what they’d learned today, he took them back tonight during open swim time and let them go crazy. And crazy did they go.


Golden Zumba

So last week I spontaneously joined the YMCA. Something about the included childcare and the indoor track and the included childcare. *grin* Since the boys can be in the childcare room for a total of two hours, we decided to take advantage of that yesterday by exercising first and then doing some homework. What’s funny about this photo is the group of ladies in the background. Little did I know when I snapped this that five minutes later one of them would approach us and enthusiastically ask us to join their “Golden Zumba” class. I said, “All of us?” She nodded. I thought about it for a minute and then said, “Okay, why not?” Chloe opted out (she’s more of a track girl), but Katie was all over it. *giggle* As for me, I discovered that Golden Zumba, in which the median age is approximately 67, is exactly my kind of Zumba.

I very well might go again. *grin*


Piano Problems

This is Chloe quizzing Katie and Millie on piano theory at the piano teacher’s house yesterday after their lessons. They are preparing for District Auditions which will be this Saturday. We’ve had an interesting exchange of words with our current piano teacher last week which is leading us in a new direction in the future. How soon that will be is kind of still up in the air. As it is, we’re trying to end well with the one we have while we still have her…

Window Shopping the Coney Island

I will confess: I have a soft spot for original dive-ish eating establishments. These three and I were downtown today for a choir concert Katie and Millie were in at the Downtown Library. We were super close to this Coney Island and I thought it might be fun to drop in for a late lunch. It was fun and the atmosphere inside was everything I’d hoped it would be, but alas, they are a cash-only place and I only had $5 and a debit card with me, so it was not meant to be. Maybe later.

Therapy Dogs

I have yet to get a decent shot of the boys together, but I got some super cute ones of R3 today as he was playing with Peaches. Truly our dogs have become therapy dogs. I know not all dogs are called to be foster dogs, but ours certainly have the touch and kids just love them. Good job, Peaches and Boomer!