My Six Kids

Oklahoma City RedHawks GameWe took the boys to an Oklahoma City RedHawks game tonight. True, it was no Cardinals game, but it was still baseball. They lasted through the middle of the 7th inning and particularly enjoyed their new hats and yelling, “GO REDHAWKS” at the top of their lungs every time a batter took a swing. Didn’t matter which side the batter was on. They also enjoyed the cotton candy. Yep, they are definitely real kids!

Good times, good times.


Dear Moms of Our Foster Children

Kids in #FosterCareDear Moms of the Children We’ve Cared For This Year,

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I don’t know how you feel about that. Are you thankful you are a mother? Has the task simply been too overwhelming for you? Believe me, I know it can be. Some of you may get to be with your kids tomorrow, but I know that some of you won’t and I wonder what that does to your heart. I imagine for some of you it breaks it.

Your kids are amazing. They are funny, they are clever, they are cute, they are creative, they are sweet, they sing, they laugh, they play, and yes, they hurt. It has been our privilege to partner with you for the past months in the care and keeping of them, and we want you to know we think and pray for you as well.

In a day and age when making the decision to abort is as common as choosing which cereal to eat for breakfast, I want to say to you THANK YOU for not doing that. I know carrying your baby to term wasn’t easy. I know giving birth to him or her was painful in more ways than the obvious ones. I know that, for some of you, handing your baby over to me immediately after having him was devastating. And yet, you loved enough to give him life.

These kids. They are so precious and they love you so much. Consider this little note my plea to you to be the mom they need you to be. Because they need you to be one. And similarly it is also my plea to myself to be the same. Because I know that apart from the grace of God, I can also be one bad choice away from where you are right now.

I know your story has taken a hard turn. I want you to know we’re pulling for you anyway. Yes, we love your kids, and we ultimately want the very best thing for them. We hope that best thing is you.

So on this eve of the day our culture reminds us to tell our moms thanks and we love them simply because of who they are and not necessarily because of what they’ve done,  I want you to hear it from me. Thanks. And we love you. And your children do, too.