Proof We’re Still Not Grown-Ups

Patio FurnitureWe’re having a cook-out tomorrow night for our weekly small group as this will be our last meeting together before we break for the summer. As such, we thought that maybe it’s time for us to become adults and get us some proper patio furniture. And by proper, I simply mean get some. I started on craigslist but have had nothing but terrible luck there – everything is either trashy or way overpriced. So this led me to Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Target tonight where everything was…either trashy or way overpriced.

We don’t need to pay to be trashy. I’ll just pull out one of our white folding tables and pop a tablecloth on it and call it a cook-out. We’ve done it before, it won’t kill us to do it again. And maybe the next time we get the hankering to be proper grown-ups, we’ll first rake up all the sheared dog hair in the backyard and, oh, maybe do our purchasing at the end of the summer when things have a better chance of being on sale…