Amended Schedule

Testing at the Library
Well, it seems the lives of everyone in our area are necessarily disrupted to some extent. Ours is by no means devastated, but there are certainly adjustments to be made. Our central grammar school is now simply over for the year which is a sadness to Katie and Millie, though they understand. Our upper school still needs to finish final exams, which is a sadness to Maddie and Chloe. Just kidding… The good thing about our blended model school is that we know how to compensate here. The kids had taken two exams last Friday. Two were given to us to proctor from home and they will finish their remaining ones in one final day on campus this Thursday.

So here we were, being all studious at the library. Whatever happened to, “Shhhh! This is a library?” No study rooms and no expectation of quiet to be found anywhere. Ah, well, we managed.


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