The (literal) Calm After the (not so proverbial) Storm


I could lament the fact that it’s already June 1 and I’m going to blink and we’ll be back in school already. Summer, I implore you, let us enjoy you. Enjoyment would come a little easier if we’d stop getting tornadoes here. Yesterday’s version of tornadoes in Oklahoma was about as unnerving as any I’ve ever experienced and I’ll just say this: I was glad to wake up this morning to beautiful skies, cool summer morning, kids scattered all over the house, and only our own normal every day chaos.

Tonight I took the kids mini-golfing and then we got ice cream cones and headed to the playground at Lake Hefner at 8:30pm where this was happening right then. I could stare at that forever. It’s about the closest thing we get to a beach sunset here and I have to take it where I can. So here it is.


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