Oklahoma HB1919 Signing

Oklahoma HB1919Oklahoma signed HB1919 into effect today and they needed a couple of poster foster families to post with the governor for a photo opp. In spite of the fact that Maddie and Chloe had been at camp until the evening before and I knew it would seem early and they would need to change out of their standard summer uniform of sweat pants and t-shirts, I informed them that this was an educational opportunity and they weren’t going to miss it. They didn’t complain, not even a little.

In the end, it was pretty anti-climactic as we didn’t converse with the governor at all, but were just herded behind her, along with another family, when it was time for this bill to be documents. We posed, they snapped, and we were ushered out into the hallway. The end.

And that pink ring is still around my phone because I haven’t figured out what to do about my phone case yet. Boo.


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