Glue High

Spray AdhesiveWhat would VBS be without a little spray adhesive high on behalf of all of the volunteers prepping for it? And we ran out tonight so I offered to go get some more. On my way I considered how it would look if I indeed got pulled over. Something like, “Late 30’s mother of 6 was charged tonight for driving under the influence of spray adhesive after helping decorate her church for their upcoming Vacation Bible School.”

Wouldn’t that have just been awesome?

Okay, not so much.

And what was also not awesome was that it took me a little bit to find more cans of this at Walmart – and do you know how it looks when you check out with 8 cans of this stuff? I was all, “Oh, I know I look suspect here. It’s for Vacation Bible School crafts. Honest.” And she was all, “Whatever you say. I’m not asking questions.” And I couldn’t tell if she really believed me or not, but she was seriously not wanting to know.

While I was there Craig asked if I could pick up some software for him at the Apple store which was at the mall right next to the Walmart I was in. I knew I had to go THEN or it would close, so I dashed over there for what I hoped would be a quick 5 minute pick-up. You probably know where this is going. For all my love for Apple, there is NOTHING quick about running into their store for a pick-up. My name wasn’t on the order, so they wouldn’t give it to me and Craig had to make a call and there was a line which I ended up waiting in twice and… let’s just say that by the time I finally got all 8 cans of this stuff back to the church, the group had given up on me and packed up for the night.

So, not a super successful night for me in the errand and helping department. But now I know where to find the General Purpose 45 Spray Adhesive by 3M for the next time I need to stock up and be second guessed by a check out gal. Hint: It’s not in the crafts section where you might first look…