Not-So-Extreme Room Makeover

Bedding from TargetToday would be the day wherein I:

1) Decided it was finally time to clean things up

2) Decided my bedding was really pretty tired and in need of a change

3) Decided that if I was going to change the bedding I might as well paint too

So somewhere this afternoon I piled everything from the floor and closet onto my bed and then did what any rational gal would do: headed to Target. I picked out a fabulous selection of new bedding and went to the check out where just seconds before the check-out lady started ringing me up I realized I didn’t bring my wallet. I quickly loaded it all back up in the cart and asked the customer service gal if I could save the cart for a bit because I, you know, forgot my wallet. I wondered how often people park carts over there and never go back and as I left I wondered if I should be one of those people. But I really liked the new bedding and I remembered my 3-point plan from above, so I drove home, got my wallet, and then went back. I like to do everything twice.

Later on evening I headed to Home Depot armed with the quilt from my stash. After deliberating for 15 minutes with Chloe over which of the 7 shades of yellow I held in my hand was THE shade, I walked out with 3 cans of Jackfruit from Behr.

I’ve only done one closet so far, but I can already tell – this is one really good decision.

I hope.