It’s a boy! Again!

Baby Boy
You know that bit about being on a foster care break? This is what we do on a foster care break: take in another newborn. It’s what we do.

Seriously, I keep thinking I was prepared to say no to any other kind of request – our family really did/does need a break from anyone who can talk back and drop the f bomb on us for a while, but this? I just can’t say no to this.

And he’s a little Mary Poppins baby: practically perfect in every way. And he’s going to break my heart again here in a few weeks.

Once again, it’s what we do.


2 thoughts on “It’s a boy! Again!

  1. L says:

    I enjoy reading your posts about foster care. We just stepped into this new world and got our first foster (15 mo) last week. It’s exciting, exhausting, and fulfilling being obedient to God’s calling. Preparing to give up an emergency placement after a week and half in just two more days and I know it will rip our hearts out. It already is just thinking about it.


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