The Pink House

The Pink House in Claremore, OK
Katie, Millie, and Baby A came with me to Owasso yesterday. We plan to be here for a few days. My parents are out of town until Wednesday and we’re taking care of their golden retriever, aka, The BEAST, and cleaning out some closets and such while we’re here, we found bed bugs on the bedrooms, and we did not know how to kill bed bugs, so we had to called mom. They are helping out with the baby a ton while I sort and organize and purge and for a little treat I decided to take them to The Pink House in Claremore. I have such sweet memories of going here long ago with my family and friends and I was hoping to have more of the same today. And to some extent we did – the food was as good as I remembered it being, but the service was seriously lacking. It was as though because I walked in with two young girls and a baby I didn’t really need to be taken seriously and that was disappointing. Y’all, a love of “going to tea” begins when we’re little, right? The girls did notice but they were champs and decided to enjoy it anyway. And then we went back home and cleaned some more. And watched some more HGTV and Food Network. Because we could.


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