The Real Reason I Went to Six Flags

Funnel Cake at Six FlagsI drove a van full of kids (most of whom were my own) and followed another (none of whom were my own) all the way to Six Flags and back today and this is the reason I did it. Right here. True confessions. Okay, this and the Superman ride. And their version of the Tony Hawk which they call The Pandemonium, but which I really know is just the Tony Hawk.

And it was worth it. Okay, so I shared this with three of my kids and even the four of us couldn’t quite finish it, though we gave it a really good effort. I think that was the first time in history anyone in my family let some perfectly good funnel cake go in the trash, but what to do? They don’t allow you to take it with you on The Sombrero which is where we were headed next…