Reasor’s to the Rescue!

Maddie, Baby T, and I are at my parents’ house this weekend along with my sister and her whole family for a ginormous yard sale we’re manning for our mom and dad. While we’re here we plan to celebrate my nephew, Truett’s, 20th birthday and in lieu of cake he requested peanut butter pie. I offered to make it since Michelle was going the bulk of the rest of the cooking for the weekend and discovered that there isn’t really a recipe for this he likes – he likes the Jell-O No Bake version. No bake? No problem I thought until I discovered that Walmart doesn’t carry this one. I took a chance a little bit ago and decided to head to Reasor’s here in Owasso to see if they had it. On my way out I asked if anyone needed anything else and my brother-in-law, Spencer, said to see if they had some zip ties for the yard sale signs they were about to put out. Michelle laughed and I, too, thought there was no way the grocery store would have those, but figured I’d look while I was there.

Presto: Both the peanut butter pie mix AND the zip ties. Reasor’s really did come to the rescue tonight!


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