Piano Lesson Snooze

Waiting for my kids to take piano lessons becomes one of the only times during the week in which all I can do for that segment of the day is sit and wait. Sitting and waiting are not things I do often and when it happens I always fall asleep. I can’t tell you how many naps I’ve taken during piano lessons in the past, but I surprised even myself by dozing off in the hallway of this Edmond middle school while waiting for Chloe today. And at least three teachers/staff stopped by my table to ask me what I was doing there. And right they should – we can’t have middle aged moms wandering in off the streets taking naps in the hallway for no good reason, right? Seriously, I totally understood why they asked. And when I told them I was waiting for a daughter to take piano lessons they all nodded in understanding and went on with their good work. While I dozed.