The Educational Sprawl

It’s semi-humorous and semi-frustrating and completely hilarious to me that in the biggest house we’ve ever lived in and one in which each girl has her own actual desk in her room they all choose to set up their home days much like this. In the same room. The only thing we’ve got going for us this year is that two of them have home days on M/W and two have home days on T/Th/F so the chaos is slightly maintained, but just barely.

And I start to scratch my head here but then quickly remember that in college I, too, had desks I never used for studying. One year I had three of them! One had an old school computer on it, one was for sewing, and one was for stacking. Ahem. I did all my studying much like this picture depicts above.

So I guess some things are just transferred naturally. Poor them.


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