Yearbook Teacher

I taught the first yearbook class for 2013-2014 for The Academy of Classical Christian Studies today. I haven’t been on a yearbook staff since my junior year of high school and, well, let’s just say the technology has changed a little since then. My class is very small and due to unique circumstances we’re actually holding the class here at my house instead of at the school. We only had one student officially sign up for yearbook this year, so we kind of twisted the arms of Maddie and Chloe to do it again since they both did it last year. Once I found out the other student lived closer to us than the school it made all kinds of sense for us to just do the class here. Baby T slept upstairs through almost the whole thing. I did decide about an hour before the class started that perhaps it would be best to change out of my pajamas. So I did.

It was a good first class and we made a lot more progress than I expected on the first day. I think we’ve nailed down a theme and we made good process in learning to navigate the design website (Entourage Yearbooks). I think we have one or two more weeks on technical stuff including web and actual copy writing and then we’ll be good to go on starting page design. We’re off like a herd of turtles.