Daddy’s Home

What we have here happens to be two little boys who were OVER THE MOON excited when a certain someone walked in the door tonight. Though they’ve only been here since 10am yesterday morning, he was the primary person of interest for them and they asked repeatedly when he was coming back. Craig’s been out of town since Tuesday and we kept trying to explain he was out of town, but coming back tomorrow and they just couldn’t grasp it. At bedtime last night A5 was super mad at me because, in his words, “You promised Dad would be home tonight!” Well, obviously I never promised that since I knew he wouldn’t be back until the next night, but I was glad they were so wanting to see Craig again. And believe me, by 10:30 last night, I was wanting to see Craig again too…

So when Craig walked in the door at 5:45 tonight, they bolted for him yelling, “DADDY’S HOME!!”

And that made all of yesterday worth it.