Happy Halloween!


We are *just about* to age out of this stage, and that makes me a tad sad. But as long as we have school plays we have the need for mandatory costumes and if we have costumes anyway… So here we have:

Chloe, dressed as the elf in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Incidentally, she is also a unicorn and a woodland something or other. I only had to deal with the elf and unicorn costumes.

Millie, dressed as a bunny, also made for her participation in the school Narnia Festival earlier this year.

Maddie, dressed as the White Witch for the upcoming play

Katie, dressed as a mime. She has no particular reason for this other than that I felt sorry for her that she’s cobbled together costumes for the past couple of years from our dress up stash and really wanted to be something different this year. The beret cost a whopping $5 from Walmart and the face paint was cheap as well. Presto. Costume.

A5 and R4 were not with us tonight and Baby T slept through all the festivities.

So that’s a wrap on Halloween 2013. Hope yours was a happy one.