Yee-Haw! Barn Dance!


City Pres had a barn dance tonight at Express Clydesdales in Yukon, Oklahoma. Baby T is visiting some family members this weekend and Craig is out of town and with almost every single day this week being as crazy on the schedule as this day was, by the time 5pm rolled around I was just pretty done. I did not really want to go. I polled the girls to see how badly they wanted to go and got two “we don’t really cares” and two “we were really kind of hoping to go” but bless them, they said it in a way that still gave me the option. They did not act sad or disappointed that I was about to pull something they’d been looking forward to all week. I think it was that alone that tipped me over to going ahead and taking them. I thought they deserved the outing. And though we got there 30 minutes late and left 45 minutes before it ended, we were still there an hour and forty-five minutes and it was fun.

The boys LOVED it and it was great that the ranch had real live animals around. We saw horses, dogs, and a zebra. Yes. A zebra. Awesome! And the built-in dance partners were an added perk.

All in all, I *was* exhausted by the time we got home, but it was worth it. The ladies who organized and decorated did a FANTASTIC job and the barn itself was so great. It was a much higher end event than I ever expected it to be. Well done, City Pres, well done.