Katie’s weekly participation in a reading clinic through the University of Oklahoma came to a close tonight with a Reader’s Theater presentation and a parent/teacher conference. At first it was just going to be me attending like I do every Monday, but then Millie decided to come. I thought we’d have some lag-time, so we brought Sorry! with us. As it turned out, due to a series of unfortunate traffic issues, I was unable to get Maddie and Chloe to their speech & debate club on time, so they ended up having to skip that and go with us to the Reader’s Theater. I think they wanted to support Katie anyway. Also, it turned out that there was no lag-time and I didn’t get to play. But I was glad we brought the game because while I was in the parent/teacher conference, the other girls did play. So. Good decision there.

Also, I think it’s all kinds of awesome that the last time my kids played they filled in the missing pieces with colored counting bears. It ended up being perfect because we have colored counting bears in all the Sorry! colors and there’s just something special about getting put back to start by a a snarky smiling bear.



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