Millie the Unstoppable

Cute Little Bags
After learning how to make these cute little bags on Monday, Millie has gone to town. At last count she’s made ten more so far. I helped her with the first one, but after that she’s done these completely solo, from the cutting to the top stitching. I’m hopeful that I may have some kids who end up sewing after all! And I’m a little concerned about the status of my fabric stash. Okay, not really.



Herd of Rootdeer

Our usual team of root deer are joining forces with some different varieties this year. The whole crew is revved up and ready for tomorrow’s 7th grade Christmas party. The girls are supposed to bring drinks and I dashed to Walmart for a couple of 2 liters, but came home with these. I asked Chloe if she thought it was too silly for 7th grade and she said, “Nope!” She proceeded to pop on the eyes, noses, and antlers of the entire crew with a little help from her sisters.

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Christmas Party Craft


Picture 11
I’m going to be rocking the 3rd grade class Christmas party on Thursday with these easy to make, and super cute Root Deer bottles. Thanks to some friends on Facebook, this craft got a whole lot easier with the purchase of a $4 box of glue spots from the scrapbook section at Walmart. Instant stick and no mess. Awesome.