Ummm, April Fool’s?

Apparently Craig is a jokester. The post below? I just saw it five seconds ago and did NOT write it. It’s pretty funny to think about, though, so I’ll leave it up (as if anything like that would even ever happen).

Happy April 1, everyone! I’ve officially been tricked. You saw it first.


7 thoughts on “Ummm, April Fool’s?

  1. Keri says:

    I was wondering why my blog reader said it was written by Craig too. LOL He did a good job of sounding like you though, and threw in good details to make it sound authentic – camera errors, etc. And I was just ready to comment on the sucker post and say “GO!” LOL


  2. Jamie says:

    Ha! Good one, Craig. I didn’t see it until after this post, but he did a pretty good job of faking your style. (Do you really use parenthesis that often, though? I hadn’t noticed. Then again, I abuse them routinely myself, so maybe it’s sort of a blind spot for me.)
    That took more planning than my lame April Fool’s joke of the day: telling my 2nd-grader that we were going to enroll him in public school next year, starting with summer school at the end of June.


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