Sharing Stories of Foster Care

111 Project Video Shoot
Okay, so obviously I didn’t take this photo. It was snapped by Ben Nockles during a little video project we participated in today on behalf of the 111 Project. We shared stories of both becoming and being a foster family.

In the spirit of keeping it real, this morning a 9am doctor appointment for the baby got bumped to 8:30 and I found out at 8:05, so let’s just say I didn’t have time for a shower. I rushed to get him there and when I finally got home, the 3 hours of sleep I got last night begged to be joined by one more, so I crashed. Woke up just in time to get lunch going for everyone before taking the baby in for a parent visit. Craig and I went straight from the parent visit to this video shoot.

Do I wish that maybe I’d given more careful thought to my appearance today? Perhaps. Okay, yes. But in the end, this is our life in foster care. This is what we do.


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