I’m a Product of Modern Marketing Technique

So I rejoined Twitter sometime in the past week or so. I'm finding my thoughts to be more conducive to the micro-blogging venue these days, but that I feel dumb for updating Facebook as much as I was, so instead I take it to Twitter, where the assumption is that you will share more than the standard daily update.


I (and thousands of other mommy Twitterers) started getting followed by someone Twittering on behalf of the upcoming movie, Motherhood.

You know what? It worked. I was intrigued by the mystery Twitterer updating on behalf of the movie (honestly, I still am), so I clicked over to see what the movie was about. Here's the trailer:

The movie. I can relate. I want to see it. Now.

I can't figure out if it is coming to St. Louis or not, so I may have to wait until the dvd version is released. But if it comes to the Lou, I'm there. I think. I'll have to arrange childcare first.