Go Ahead, Laugh With Me

Just please, please, please, don’t laugh at me. That is all.

We drove up to Chesterfield Sports Fusion tonight right at 5pm. We pulled in right behind an untagged white Chevy Traverse and I was all, “Cool – looks just like the photo I posted on my blog.”

We pulled in closer to our entrance and low and behold: a fleet of rolling billboards, just waiting to be escorted home by six mommy bloggers. Yes, I just agreed to drive a billboard-sized advertisement around town for an entire month.

Yes I did.

OH MY WORD. Seriously?

Here I am, standing next to my new ride, in all its auto-wrapped glory:

Me, Next to Drivable Billboard

You want to see some Mommy Madness? I’ve got your Mommy Madness right here:

So. Seriously? This is going to be one big kick in the head for the next 30 days. I guess it’s time to learn to live with a little bit of public attention. Because I have a feeling I’m in for some of that. Just a little bit.

As the ride home was filled with three pseudo-whammies (new ride, nighttime, and rain), I didn’t exactly fiddle with all the cool gizmos and gadgets this thing is souped up with. But when the windows started fogging up after I pulled onto the highway, I first panicked, then quickly found the defrost button. WHAMO. Just like that the windows were clear.

I think I’m already in love.

Friends, if this does nothing else, it will for sure kick-start me back into semi-regular blog posting. I’m going to need some kind of therapy at the end of each day.


Maddie’s Wish List

M10's wish list

I just walked by the table and saw this list on it. Newsflash: we have definitely entered into a new era. Since when did one my kids request a desk chair with wheels, an iPod, and new earrings for gifts?

Oh, since we entered the Tween stage. Note to self: No more toys for Maddie.