Guess Who I Saw Yesterday?

George Clooney in St. Louis

Jealous? Don’t be. Instead, laugh at me and my friend Erin because we (along with all our kids) walked up our street and over a few blocks to the movie set of Up in the Air yesterday, George Clooney’s next film, shooting here in St. Louis.

Really we went just to see the set, but when we got there, they were actually preparing to film, so we stayed. And stayed. And stayed. We were eventually rewarded with a front row seat to see the shot take place. Here’s Jason Reitman, the director:

Jason Reitman in St. Louis

And here’s the fancy little director’s tent with Up in the Air on the chairs:

Director's Tent

And here’s the guy putting some finishing touches on the fake snow (the scene was set in Wisconsin, thus the snow and why all the cars had Wisconsin license plates):

Fake Snow Blower

Really, seeing George Clooney wasn’t that big of a deal for me (at least certainly not as big a deal as it was for the 60-year-old woman screaming at him to take his shirt off). Erin and I both agreed that we would have much preferred to have seen co-star Jason Bateman, but only because we thought he was cute when we were, like, 11. He wasn’t there, though, so we had to settle for George.

Loved you on ER, George…fifteen years ago, that is. Enjoy St. Louis.

Clooney 050


9 thoughts on “Guess Who I Saw Yesterday?

  1. Jamie says:

    What? You mean you weren’t crying and hysterical just because you were near someone as amazing as George Clooney? Heh.
    I’ve always gotten the impression that Clooney is another of Hollywood’s elite afflicted with the Richard Gere Complex (that is, “I’m so great even I’m in love with me”). Maybe he’s not really that self-absorbed in real life. But whether he is or isn’t, don’t worry — I promise not to succumb to the green-eyed monster. 😉
    Except maybe relating to the snow. I’m a little jealous of that… even if it was fake.


  2. Sally D. says:

    What a cool experience for everyone. I bet your kids will tell this story to their friend when they are like 40 years old…..”Remember when we saw George Clooney…..”


  3. Chelsea says:

    I wouldn’t have been screaming, but my, George is a handsome man. (And he was actually on ER a couple weeks ago. All the originals are getting cameo roles this season. Even dead Dr. Greene in a flashback.)


  4. Megan says:

    In all honesty, I didn’t take the last photo. I took the first four, but the last one came from a neighbor. I was about 15 feet to the right of where he was at that point in time.


  5. Jenni says:

    OK, I’ll be excited for you – George Clooney! He’s one of my favorite actors. Jason Bateman would’ve been cool, too – he’s a funny man. 🙂


  6. Simple Shepherdess says:

    Several of our friends have had recent “Clooney Sightings” 🙂 Glad you got to be one of them! How fun. And what a great story for the kids to share with friends!


  7. Becky says:

    I just read this and have to say HOW COOL. I too would LOVE to see Jason Bateman except I am afraid of how I would act. Have always had a big crush on the Bateman.


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