Shame on Safeway

Did you see this story about the pregnant mom who ate a sandwich while grocery shopping with her husband and toddler? Her husband ate one too. They saved their wrappers, intending to pay for the sandwiches during checkout and just forgot. They were arrested and their toddler was removed from their custody for 18 hours.

Apparently Safeway has finally apologized for this, but SERIOUSLY?

I can't even begin to formulate a rational explanation for why a $5 mistake turned into an arrest and DHS involvement. IT WAS A MISTAKE.

I can't tell you how many times I had a crying baby in Walmart and grabbed a new pacifier straight off the shelf, opened it, and popped it in her mouth before paying. Granted, I did remember to pay, but even if I hadn't, I hardly think that counts as criminal intention.

We live in Oklahoma where we are guaranteed to see on the news every single night a case or five of demented people masquarading as parents who have either already done or are currently in the process of doing lifelong damage to their children and the government barely gets involved.

But a hungry pregnant mom eats a sandwich and forgets to pay and suddenly  we "must do what's right on behalf of the child?" That's an 8-letter word that I am not willing to type out here on my blog.

I really think so.

Come on, America. We can do better than this.