La La La

Funny how when you take a week off of school you have no desire to ever resume it again. Also funny how the week you are struggling the most to get back in the saddle your beloved (new) printer decides not to work anymore, rendering you useless at developing assingment sheets and chore charts. Funnier how with no chore charts, no chores really get done. That thing about where there is no vision the people perish? We can relate.

Still, in the absence of concrete direction this week, we’re making an effort. That effort has not included science, art, or wiping down the bathroom sink and counter, but has included round two of Me Vs. The Dishwasher. The dishwasher wins. I give up. I slogged the shop vac full of water outside this morning and discovered it was suddenly fall (read: cold). I don’t want to do that again. I also don’t want to wake up anymore to find we need rain boots to walk across the kitchen, or at the very least a warning sign not to walk in there with socks on. Please.

On Saturday we’re shopping for a new dishwasher, which is a complete defeat to our efforts to restock our emergency fund, but a huge relief nonetheless. Some gals like diamonds. Me? I’ll take major appliances, thank you very much.

So in between school re-entry and kitchen swimming, I’ve been given a real live writing assignment for God’s World News. I did four short articles for the website. I think they will hit next week. It’s all about the silver linings, no?

I’m not sure we’ll ever get to the point where we can coast through the rest of the year, but we’re making some strides at making it manageable. As tempting as coasting sounds, I’m not sure it would be that much fun for very long. Certainly wouldn’t provide much by way of blog fodder…*grin*


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