Gee, This Hotel is Quiet

I finally made it to Rochester, Minnesota about an hour ago. Two plane trips and a 90-minute van shuttle later and I’m here. I don’t think I’ve EVER been in a hotel room alone before. The closest I’ve come was when I drove from Tulsa to Colorado Springs when Maddie was 4months old. We drove as far as a bleary-eyed new mama and a hungry baby could go before pulling over in the armpit of the USA — Hayes, Kansas — for a night in a place that was kinda scary, actually.

This is completely different.

Getting ready to go find some place for dinner within walking distance of the hotel. Going to continue marveling in my current existence in solitary semi-confinement.

In the meantime, I have another post up at WORLD, but it will just link you right back here because I’m talking some more about Jerram’s new book. I read the first four chapters today on various parts of the trip. You all – GO GET THAT BOOK!! It’s amazing and already bringing me about to seeing many areas of need in me. Good stuff. But I’ll save the details for later. Go on, go get it!

Okay, that’s it for tonight. Peace out!


I’m getting ready to read a book that I hope will be both formational as well as foundational for me: Through His Eyes: God’s Perspective on Women in the Bible by Covenant Seminary Professor Jerram Barrs.

As the mother of four girls (not to mention a woman myself), I have a seriously vested interest here. I cut my theological teeth in a conservative but overly imperative-focused church. There were a lot of important truths I learned (but also a lot of legalism from which I spent years breaking free).

I now belong to the Presbyterian Church in America. The approach to Scripture in this denomination is thoroughly conservative, but I’ve discovered a lot of freedom I never had before, which has been both relieving and puzzling to me. The old teachings I grew up with referencing women weren’t necessarily wrong; I just don’t remember anything being preached on how the Lord really sees women.

In a similar manner and in a more secular sense, I grew up and live in an age in which women can be and do almost anything they want (and if they can’t, they can sue somebody for the right). Most of the mothers I knew growing up (my own included) entered the full-time workforce during my formative years, but when I became a mother myself, I knew I wanted to stay home.

It’s tricky sometimes to find your way if you are a woman who considers herself both conservative and free. How does one go about teaching girls to be “keepers at home” while at the same time igniting their sense of calling and passion in life, both of which could include the home . . . or something else? What does God really have to say about the place and role of women in our 21st century world?

It’s high time I found out. I’ll be hosting bi-weekly discussions on Jerram’s book on my personal blog, so consider yourself invited. Men or women, we can learn together.


2 thoughts on “Gee, This Hotel is Quiet

  1. Mom says:

    I hope you took some warm clothes. The TV is saying it is miserable up there. Stay safe, and keep us posted. We love you. Enjoy the quiet while you can. It will be over before you know it.


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