A Painful Decision

I signed up for a table at the next city-wide homeschool used books/materials sale. A lot of stuff I’ve been hanging on to because I keep thinking I’ll eventually use it or because technically Millie isn’t even in Kindergarten yet and there’s still a good chance I will use a lot of this with her. A lot of stuff I’m just hanging on to because I spent money on it and it holds financial value in my mind if not practical value.

I’m digging through software right now. Right next to me is the dreaded homeschool planning/hour tracking software I just bought one year ago. It has brought nothing but trouble to me, but since I didn’t know that within the 14-day window, I can’t return it. They won’t let me sell it. It won’t work on my system. It’s worthless to me. And yet I’ve still had trouble just throwing it away. I don’t know why.

But here’s the thing – every time I see the plastic box my stress level rises. I see it and it reminds me of the hours of frustration spent at my computer and the back-and-forth not-so-nice email exchange I had with the company. It reminds me that I wasted $70. So it makes no sense to keep it. I can’t use it and the only thing it does is cause me to sin in some direction and towards somebody (either myself or the company or the poor innocent person to cross my path next while I’m in the midst of the remembering).

I’m putting it behind me.

$70 in the Trash

At the same time I’m wondering what other kinds of junk, whether physical tangible junk, or emotional baggage I carry around for the perceived value I think it gives me.

It’s time to let go of all of that which so easily besets me, the sin that so easily entangles, and run with perseverance the race marked out for me.

I’ve been sitting in the stands for too long. Time to get on the track. Oh, and empty the trash…


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